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The girls in this video have so thoroughly given themselves over to being whores that nothing is sacred any more. Every part of their body is open for man’s pleasure. Call it thrill seeking, or call it a death wish. But these girls have submitted to having the filthy sperm of three strangers injected into their wombs, their colons, and their stomachs – simultaneously! If this isn’t nasty enough for you, then you should probably be arrested immediately!

It’s been called the perfect scam. Convince a cute girl that you and your two buddies are the official “groupie screeners” for a major celebrity. Now, what is the girl willing to do to meet this star? Keep in mind, young lady, that this star only likes girls who are wild and totally uninhibited. Do you have what it takes, sweeties? How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to take a load of sperm in each of your holes to impress him? Wow, you must really want to meet him! Don’t worry, nobody but the star is ever going to see this tape. Yeah, right!

What parents would have guessed that their daughter would be agreeing to let three total strangers pump hefty loads of semen into their vagina, asshole and down their throat? On film yet, for all the world to see?! She could be working a normal job, dating a normal boyfriend. She doesn’t have to do this. But the fact that she is willing – no, that she WANTS to do this – is completely disgusting. And yet so exciting! Just think, one day some poor sap is going to bring this girl home to his mother!

Giant cocks waving in the air like a trio of bayonets. Young, willing girls convinced into surrendering their holes. Sperm injected deep into colons. Reproductive juices shot into vaginas and squeezed out with sweating grunts. Mouths used as funnels to fill stomachs with cum. Naked girls screaming in pleasure as two dicks pummel simultaneously. A plump brown ass opened up, gaping. Foreheads beaded with sweat. Eyes rolling back as seizures of desire shake their bodies. Every hole overflowing with semen!

Some day, these girls will be married with children. What do you think their husbands will say if they see this video? “Honey, you never told me you whored out all three of your holes on film! And you let them all cum inside you?! I still have to wear a condom because you’re not on birth control. And yet you allowed three filthy strangers to blow out your ass and deposit their seed inside your body as if they were kings? I have to buy you diamonds to win your love, while these guys get paid to defile you and high-fived each other at the end!?” – Shut up and mow the lawn, dear.

The girls in this video are bad. Very bad. For example, Mya tries to sell classified secrets to a foreign government. When the authoritities find out, they offer her two choices: the FBI, or let them fuck & cum in every one of her holes. She chooses the latter, and it soon becomes apparent that she loves taking dicks in her ass, pussy & throat at the same time. But her sluttiness is nothing compared to Katrina, who is such a cock-crazy maniac that it’s hard for even three horny men to satisfy her depraved appetites. She’s left filled to the brim with semen, happy to be a cum receptable.

Are you a pretty young girl, age 18-22? Check. Are you willing to let a complete stranger insert his penis into whatever part of you he chooses? Check. Do you enjoy the sensation of being stretched open with huge, veiny cokcs in you pussy and ass at the same time? Check. Well young lady, you are hereby approved to take A Load in Every Hole. Enjoy yourself, and good luck!

What Sluts! The Anatomy of a hot sex scene is this: Find a beautiful girl. We’re talking model caliber, the kind that you’d see in the annual swimsuit issue. (We think you’ll agree Lena fits that bill.) Then watch her turn into an animal and commit sex acts that not even the most depraved, filthy gutter whore would do. It defies the imagination! These girls don’t need to sacrifice every hole in their body to the dirty cocks and potent semen of porn guys. But they do. And they apparently love it. If this sounds hot to you, buy this tape!

Katja’s from Germany. She has lovely curves, including a big round ass, plump tits and child-bearing hips. Back in her homeland, she was slated for the government’s “Aryan Breeding” program. Her fertile womb would have been the receptacle for the seed of blonde, blue-eyed young soldiers. But Katja didn’t want that. She craved the American dream of fame & fortune. So she came to California, where her womb, colon and stomach are the receptacles for the seed of bleary-eyed porn guys. She’s an inspiration to all immigrants!

Welcome to the Euro edition of Load. Three knockout girls you’ve never seen before in your life, taking uncut cocks and Euro loads in their pussies, asses and mouths. In Europe, girls are legally obligated to perform this service. Apparently it was a part of the deal that created the European Union. In exchange for giving up their individual currencies for the Euro, the various nations negotiated pussy-on-demand in their cobblestone streets. You can bet the English are kicking themselves for opting out!

With gas prices so fucking high these days you hardly ever hear “fill ‘er up” anymore. Well this is cum, my friend. It’s cheap, free flowing and we’ve got an unlimited supply. And it’s a good thing we’ve found yet another batch of sperm addicted, cum guzzling, filthy as fuck whores to deposit a few loads into. Otherwise we’d have rivers of jism flooding us out of our homes. So you can thank these sexy cum dumpsters for helping keep our studio clean … and for creating a load of your own!

We’ve dumped loads in half the sluts in America, now it’s time to go abroad … or goo a broad, whichever you prefer. This time we’ve suckered the French into exploiting some of their hot ass bitches for your amusement. Everyone on the DVD is a frog. They might be cowards and smell funny, but show them some American green and they’ll give it up quicker than … well, than the French gave it up in WWII. Fuck the French – exactly!

If you’re a creepy guy – admit it, you know if you are – then you need to do what the three heroes of this film did. Set yourself up as a “modeling agency” and place an ad in the local paper. Beautiful girls will show up at your doorstep. They’ll be so anxious to become the next supermodel that you’ll be able to talk them into almost anything. Our creepy heroes talked these sluts into taking cock in every hole, then just blasted their loads inside them. Oops! Watch and learn, son. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. This video will change you from a loser into … well, a loser who gets laid a lot!

Cast: Melanie Jagger, Ashley Moore, Mandy Bright, Austin O’Reilly, Jasmine Lynn, Claire James, Fiona Cheeks, Aurora Snow, Rihannon Bray, Brooke Ballentyne, Ariana Jolie, Crystal Ray, Rio, Lyla Lei, Renee Pornero, Eva, Vic Sinister, Olivia Saint, Katrina Kraven, Allura Bond, Mya Mason, Haley, Julie Night, Demi Mark, Elizabeth Lawrence, Lena Juliette, Capri, Ashley Long, Alicia Rhodes, Katja Kassin, Sarah, Patricia, Melissa Lauren, Isabel Ice, Liza Harper, Annie Cruz, Sandra DeMarco, Claudia Rossi, Nikki Sun, Carmelita, Katerina, Simone Styles
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Duration: 1500 min


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