Anal Finesse (Guilty Desire)

Anal Finesse (Guilty Desire)

[b]Description:[/b] When a woman uses finesse when she’s fucking your dick with her asshole, then you know that this whore has had a lot of practice. This could be your greatest night of … ass fucking you’ve ever had. So sit back and watch what you wish your were doing right now!

[b]Models:[/b] Milana, Mira Sunset, Marika Hase, Madlin
[b]Genre:[/b] Anal, Cumshot, Gaping, Gonzo, HD, One-on-One, Oral
[b]Studio:[/b] Guilty Desire

[b]Video Info:[/b]
[b]Resolution:[/b] 480 x 848 | 480 x 848 | 480 x 848 | 480 x 848
[b]Duration:[/b] 32 min | 22 min | 39 min | 38 min
[b]File Extension:[/b] MPEG-4

[b]File Size:[/b] 554 Mb | 303 Mb | 634 Mb | 643 Mb

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